Painting projects

Whether you are doing the inside, outside, garage floor, or staining the deck, this is the place to begin.

Inside painting has its share of complications but at least fighting the elements isn’t one of them. There are a number of steps involved. Of course you need to start by choosing the wall, ceiling, and trim colors. Once happy with this, you need to calculate how much paint it will take. Besides the paint, you will need drop cloths, rollers and extending handles, plastic reservoirs to pour the paint in, brushes of various sizes and types, screw drivers to remove the fixtures and plates, step stools or small ladders that can get you up high enough to do all the areas you plan to do based on the size of your house, and wet cloths to clean up mistakes.

For exterior painting you will need all of the items listed above. You will need to measure the paint-able surface and try to calculate how much paint you will need. This is more difficult on the outside due to the odd angles you will encounter. Of course you will need ladders and might also need shingle steps to drape across the roof in the angle is too steep to stand on. This can be dangerous and you should only consider doing it if you are really certain of what needs to be done.

For a more detailed list of the deetails of the project, you might check out Chesterfield Painters for a thorough list of the details.

If you are considering doing the garage floor, there are a lot of options you have. We won’t get into them all here, but you should do some research to be sure you know all the choices and pros and cons of each. It is surprising how many options there for something that seems so simple and straight forward. The end product is often stunning in its beauty and practicality.

Staining your deck will provide protection to the wood which will add years to the life of it and keep it looking like it is brand new. Like everything else related to painting, there are a lot of different choices when it comes to types of stain, each with different implications. You should look closely at the site provided above for your choices.