For those getting ready to undertake a home construction project, this is the site for you.  We review the ins and outs of these types of projects and give you everything you need to know to move forward.  On this particular site we will review a number of different activities including painting, siding, insulation, and even septic work.

Many home owners consider doing the work themselves.  Some types of projects, like painting or insulating, lend themselves much better to the DIYer as opposed to things like concrete work or septic pumping for obvious reasons.  Siding replacement is also do-able by the homeowner as long as he/she selects a siding that is more practical to do yourself (like vinyl) and has the requisite knowledge with things like building frames (to attach it to) and  measuring and cutting angles.

In the following pages we will review each of these kinds of projects with an eye towards ease, cost, complexity, and options. We will talk briefly summarizing the project and then, rather than reinvent the wheel, will point you toward sites that have a lot more depth.

We hope you get a lot of valuable information out of our site. As our site name implies, we know life hurts but you are a fighter and can get through this in the most practical and knowledgeable way, whether it is through doing it yourself or hiring a contractor.

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